July 8, 2011

Carpet Cleaning Hell...

It's that dreaded day of the year again... The day before the carpets are deep cleaned. Why is this such an evil day you ask? Well, because we (Mainly myself and my Department Head) end up having to move tons of boxes and random crap that typically live on the floor up on to desks, carts, etc. Then I end up having to vacuum under everyone's desks. It's basically a day full of bitch work that we're all overqualified to do, but still are forced to do.

While cleaning under "Amy's" desk I was poked in the eye by a giant "Thank You" card that some idiotic patron gave her God knows how long ago. In addition to that, I got a face full of dust because she doesn't understand the concept of periodically cleaning under ones desk.

"Julia" was being useless. She parked her fat ass at the reference desk and pretended to be a real librarian.

We moved a lot of stuff into our program room after putting whatever was under our desks on top of them. We had to move spinners, book displays, shelves, etc. It was annoying, but the silver lining was that I don't have to put everything back on Monday because I'll be in Miami.

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