July 1, 2011

Little Big's Follow Fridays...

I noticed while I was reading through Little Big's (exlibris on Twitter) blog that one of my tweets made it on to her Follow Friday (#FF or #FollowFriday) post this week. For those of you not familiar with her blog, every Friday she posts her favorite tweets of the week as an example of why you should follow those people on Twitter. So, yours truly made the list this week with the following beauty of a tweet.

After seeing this one I went back into her archives to see if any of my other tweets had made it on to her blog and one other one did in April.

I think it's awesome that Little Big (exlibris) does this every week and I wanna thank her for thinking I'm interesting enough to follow on Twitter.

Oh, if for some reason you still don't get it...

Little Big's Explanation Of Her Follow Friday Posts:
Follow Friday is a meme from Twitter. It’s a time to recommend some of your followers for other people to follow. It’s a great way to find new people who tweet interesting things. I took it a step further and I retweeted my favorite tweets from the previous week so people could see why I was recommending them. After awhile I was retweeting so many tweets I moved the whole thing over here so as not to flood my follower’s twitter streams. I also pick my favorite tweet to feature for Tweet of the Week and intersperse the whole things with photos from the past week–usually of my daughter. You can find them here.

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