July 13, 2011

Miami: Day Four...

Today my Tia went nuts because the apartment was filthy -- This was mainly due to the fact that she had men working in her kitchen putting in a granite backsplash, but we got the brunt of her wrath. Because she was acting like a lunatic and the boys were being pains, my cousin and I ran away to have Cuban food for lunch. It was good, not the best I've ever had but it hit the spot.

Eventually we headed back to the condo and my Tia was on an even bigger tear, so we got the boys and headed to pool for a few hours. While at the pool I introduced my cousin to the humor of Katt Williams, the boys got yelled at by a little old man in Spanish for playing with their water guns (They had no idea why he was actually yelling because they don't speak Spanish, but seeing as it happened every time they used their guns that is why we thought he was getting mad) , a palm frawn fell off the tree closest to our table (This was funny because before we headed down to the pool my Tio told me to not sit near the palm trees because the frawns fall off and can kill you), etc.

When there was no more sun by the pool we headed up to the apartment and had dinner. The kids continued to be pains, so my cousin and I left to find frozen yogurt/ice cream. We got it and then we hid in a parking lot eating our dessert and avoiding the apartment.

Now that we're back my cousin's kids have forced her to play Risk: Halo Wars and they are arguing. I feel bad for her, but there is no way in hell I'm gonna play with them -- I've decided to blog and watch Man vs Food Nation.

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