July 30, 2011

We Suck...

It's Saturday and I'm stuck in the library. It's been a relatively quiet day but as of thus far "Marie" and I have had two patrons basically tell us that our library sucks.

Patron #1 came in dresses like a dominatrix asking if we had a fax machine that she could use. I said no and she starts rambling on saying things like "What kind of library doesn't have a fax machine... Blah blah blah blah blah..." I told her we have fax machines but they aren't for public use and I directed her where she could go to fax her documents. She left mumbling. "Marie" doesn't think that I should have told her where to find one and started talking shit about the way the chick was dressed.

Patron #2 comes in and ask if we have audio books for two/three-year-old. I tell her where she can find them and point her in the right direction. She comes back and starts bitching at "Marie" and I about how the majority of them are cassette tapes and how we should join the 21st century. I point out to her that I don't order them and she'd have to talk to my Department Head about that. I also inform her that when we got rid of all of our VHS tapes a bunch of patrons complained to us. She proceed to tell us that we should have everything for the children and there must be a place to store things. I looked at her and said the space you see is what we have. Then she started complaining about the way the building was set up. Eventually she asked if she could write a note to our Director. I gave her a piece of scrap paper and told her she could leave it in the suggestion box. She went to sit down and write something but walked out without putting it in the box. Oh well...

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