August 11, 2011

Accidentally Alone...

I got into work at 11:00am to find "Julia" sitting at the reference desk with nothing but her computer turned on. After putting my stuff down she comes into the office and apologizes that nothing is turned on because she got into a car accident before she got to work (Apparently she didn't get in until after 10:00am) and she was still flustered. I pretended to care about her story and told her if she needed to leave early to deal with things that I'd be fine by myself. Obviously she took up my offer and ran out of the building as quickly as she could. In the process she forgot to tell anyone remotely in charge that she was leaving and she left her wallet on her desk (I wonder how long it'll take her to call in about it).

I'm so happy she ended up leaving because I was dreading being alone with her until "Amy" came in at 5:00pm. Now I'm free to do as I please, which means I'll be updating my blogs and reading my favorites.

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