August 17, 2011

Bridesmaids Dresses...

After I left work and before I ate the glowing sushi, Erin and I both decided to head over to this big dress store because I had called the night before and they had confirmed that they had a sample of the dress that we are supposed to be wearing in our friends wedding. The dress wasn't the color we needed but it was fine because we were really going there to see how to dress looked in person and see how it would fit. It's a good thing we did this because that sucker ran small. According to the website we are supposed to buy the dresses from Erin's measurements were a size smaller than the sample at the store, but the dress at the store ended up being too tight on her. Now we know that this particular dress runs small and that we should buy a size up even though we are all currently on diets. And we know that our tits will be popping out of this bad boy -- When I saw Erin in the dress all I could think was "Holy titties Batman!"

In addition to going there to see the dress, we also went to check out some shoe options. The bride has specified that she would like us to all be wearing silver high heels that are no larger than three inches. We scoped out the situation and tried on tons of shoes, all while texting the other bridesmaids and the bride, to find the perfect silver shoe to go with the dress. We found a shoe that we could all agree on, but we really need to wait until we have our dresses to see if it really matches well.

FYI - If you were for some reason wondering, the dress is a Mori Lee style number 838.

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