August 18, 2011

Interesting Thing On Pinterest...

While I was on Pinterest earlier I found this graphic for a 30 day photography challenge and in its description box the person had written that it would be something awesome to start on World Photography Day which just so happens to be tomorrow -- I had no clue about World Photography Day up until now. And seeing as I love me a 30 day challenge and taking photos I thought that I'd jump on the bandwagon and start this challenge on World Photography Day also -- I actually signed up on the World Photography Day website to post pictures that I take throughout the course of the day. So I'll be incorporating this new challenge in with my 365 day one that I'm doing for my "No Regrets" list.

It's actually really very interesting to me that I found out that tomorrow is World Photography Day because I was reading The Dainty Squid the other day and the chick that runs the blog, Kaylah, had done a photo an hour post (Which you can find here) and I was thinking about doing my own tomorrow. I guess the stars have aligned for my whole photography venture tomorrow. So I'll be posting details about World Photography Day, as well as a bunch of photos tomorrow.

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