August 29, 2011

Internetless Because Of Irene...

We had a delayed opening today at the library because of the chaos surrounding Irene (11:00am instead of 9:00am). Thankfully the building only had minor damage, which was mainly due to our crappy roof which leaks during normal rain stroms. So structurally we were fine, but we lacked internet access all day which made life slightly difficult.

Thankfully I am no longer a Circulation Clerk because they had the worst of it today. They had to deal with angry patrons who couldn't comprehend the idea of a backup system to check out their materials, etc. It was apparently really bad (They had eight carts and counting of materials that couldn't be checked in properly because of the lack of internet) and our Head Clerk was not happy about any of it.

Tons of people called out today to deal with various things or pretended like they did. When I got in in the morning I was the missing piece to the library opening because they cannot open the library without at least two clerks at the circulation desk, two adult librarians and two children's librarians, and I was the last of that equation to walk in.

All in all, my department was pretty dull all day and I was really grateful that it was because we dealt with a lot of chaos last week. The only thing that happened was that the teens that give us the most trouble finally returned from where ever they are shipped to over the summer. Fun times are about to start up again. I can't wait.

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