August 2, 2011

Library Related Facebook Post A La Justin...

Whenever my boyfriend sees anything library related as he is reading through whatever websites he reads daily he posts the links on my Facebook. Today I got the following...

The article "Netflix Alternatives: Beating The Recent Netflix Price Hike" which lists the library as an alternative source to Netflix.
The Library: Unless you’re Al Bundy and posses a library book that’s overdue by 31 years, the public library is your cheapest Netflix alternative. You’re probably not going to get the newest movie release, the latest TV season or the Blu-ray version of anything. But you will find that libraries are increasingly offering movies, television shows and even video games at no cost. And, they don’t have to be educational, either. Don’t have access to Dexter or Mad Men anymore via Netflix instant streaming? Your local library might have it... for free. Just remember that unlike most of the other options, there’s a late fee associated with this classic borrowing method. You don’t want to test the Jerry Seinfeld theory that there’s a library cop out there named Mr. Bookman.
He also sent me a video from the Seinfeld episode "The Library" (Because it was mentioned above in the article) which doesn't want to embed on here, so I'll have to find one that I can embed when I'm using a computer that has sound -- One of our reference computers doesn't have sound and we have no idea why.

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