August 19, 2011

My Day In Photos...

Here is my day by the hour in photos as promised...

Eating breakfast at my desk because I ended up sleeping in, so I just grabbed whatever was in the fridge and some coffee that my sister had made before she left.

10:00am: Messing around on Twitter in between doing real work.

11:00am: The product of a craft idea that I found while messing around on Pinterest yesterday. Isn't it neat? I loved it so much and now I think crayons are my new favorite crafting item -- Last week it was watercolors.

12:00pm: My lunch, a bacon salad. Erin ended up showing up at the library right before I was about to leave for lunch, so we decided to go out to eat together.

1:00pm: Some books that I had to check to make sure they were processed properly.

2:00pm: My Department Head sent me to the Clerks Office to grab the cart of new books and bring it back to our department.

3:00pm: Finishing up an entry about the new woman "Lori" on the blog.

4:00pm: Pulled this book off of the cart of books that I got from the Clerks Office to read.

5:00pm: Set up for Drawing Club before Lenni had a chance to help.

Between 6:00pm and 7:00pm I was driving all over the place. I picked Justin up and we headed over to one of our friend's houses. Then we all went out to dinner.

7:00pm: We had to wait 20 minutes before we could be seated, so we went for a walk and I just thought this looked neat.

8:00pm: Sushi for dinner.

9:00pm: Dessert after dinner!

10:00pm: A cappuchino that my friend attempted to make me when we got back to his house.

11:00pm: Justin swimming in the pool. Yup, that is all you're gonna get of him.

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