August 17, 2011

Mysterious New Woman...

Yesterday the replacement person for "Sarah" started, but I didn't get to meet the new woman because I didn't actually come into work until 5:00pm. Unfortunately I will only be getting a glimpse of her today because she is in 5:00pm - 9:00pm and I'll be heading out at 5:00pm sharp (Erin and I found out that one of the local bridal shops has the dress our friend is making us wear at her wedding and we wanna see how it looks, try it on, etc.) that means I'm gonna have to wait until Friday to really get to meet her and see if I like her. My Department Head likes her as of thus far and "Marie" said that she seemed to be a very nice lady. I on the other hand know if I'm going to like someone within five minutes of meeting them, so I'll be letting everyone know how I feel at 1:05pm on Friday.

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