August 27, 2011

Ready Or Not, A Hurricane Is Coming...

After torturing us for the majority of the day yesterday our Director came into the library during his vacation and told us that we'd be closed today -- I was super exited because I was supposed to be the Saturday librarian and before he decided to close I actually asked for personal leave because I really didn't wanna deal with this crap today.

So as soon as I got home yesterday I packed my bags, packed up my room just in case, covered the things I couldn't pack away with tarps, said bye to my parents and headed over to Justin' because he lives in a better spot on Long Island than I do.

Once I was there I complained to him about everything I had to do and then he took me out to dinner. After dinner we came back and put all of the patio furniture into the garage -- Which took forever because there was tons of crap in the backyard. While we were putting stuff away Phil called me and asked me if Justin and I wanted to join him and a few of our other friends out at a bar for pre-hurricane drinks. Obviously we took them up their offer and hung out with them for a few hours.

This morning Justin and I spent our time getting last minute items together, taping up windows, etc. After finally getting everything done my mother showed up, followed by his mother and his sisters. Since they've arrived we've been hanging out watching various kiddie movies and eating snacks. We're still waiting for Erin and Justin's stepfather to arrive and then the hurricane party is complete.

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