September 21, 2011

365 Days Of Pictures: Day 204...

Twenty Dollar Bill, Serial# IB018---65B Series: 2006

While I was out with Erin shopping at the Tanger Outlets in Deer Park I found a $20.00 bill just chilling on the ground. It wasn't until I busted it out again did I notice that it had a stamp from Where's George?® and obviously I had to see where it had come from. It was originally entered in Clarksville, MD on February 22nd 2008 at 7:17pm (3 years, 212 days, 2 hours and 10 minutes before I entered it) and it traveled 220 miles at an average of .17 miles a day. I am the only person in 3 years to enter it into Where's George?® and I think it's kinda sad. I hope the next person who gets it enters it.

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