September 7, 2011

All By Myself...

If you follow me on Twitter you know that I had a slightly chaotic day because half the staff in my department called in sick, while the other half was just late. As always I arrived before 9:00am, which was a good call on my part because as soon as I was settled down my Director called up to tell me that "Amy" was going to be late. Not even five minutes after I got that call, "Marie" called the department to let me know that her daughter wasn't feeling well so she wasn't going to come in.

Eventually "Amy" came in spouting out the lame excuse that her daughter missed her bus for the first day of school or something. But after she arrived, "Emily" called up and said that she wasn't coming in because she wasn't feeling well. In reality her friend from out of state came to visit and she wanted the day off to hang out with her.

On top of all of this, "Julia" wrote in her own personal leave and instead of coming in at 9:00am like she we scheduled to, she came in at almost 2:00pm because she went to the doctor. I really cannot believe this woman gets away with this crap. I honestly cannot wait for her to use more time than she has, so that she dips below her scheduled hours and is forced to become a part-time employee thus losing all of her benefits.

Where was my Department Head and "Lori" you ask? Well, my Department Head wasn't scheduled to come in until 1:00pm and "Lori" wasn't due in until 5:00pm.

So, I basically spent the entire morning alone because "Amy" is very much so useless. When the custodian found out I was all alone (Before "Amy" actually walked in) he started singing "All By Myself" by Eric Carmen (CĂ©line Dion did a cover of it in 1996, which is probably the version you are more familiar with) to me, which was honestly the highlight of my day.

I know you are all thinking, "Don't you normally like to be left alone?" Yes, yes I do. But not when it is raining outside and everyone and their mothers comes into the library to escape from the nasty weather. I don't like being by myself when there are tons of people that need help. I like being alone when it is nice outside and no one actually comes into the library.

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