September 6, 2011

Barbiturates & Bulletin Boards...

I survived my afternoon with "Julia" but it was painful because I can't stand being around her. Eventually "Emily" came to work and "Julia" left, but not before making a bunch of phone calls to various doctors trying to get her hands on some pain medication again -- I'm starting to think that she is addicted to pills, as well as being an alcoholic.

Oh shit, I just realized that I forgot to post about how on the Friday before the hurricane "Julia" spent the day calling doctors trying to get them to call in a prescription for pain medication and muscle relaxers for her without going into an office for a check up. It was ridiculous and everyone who was there that day thinks that she has a problem, wait until they hear about today. I can't believe that I didn't write about this. Probably because I was worrying about my own hurricane survival.

Back to today... "Emily" and I ended up having a super slow night. We really didn't do much. I mean, "Favorite Page #2" and I finally got around to making a Library Card Sign-Up Month bulletin board -- My Department Head will be happy to see that it is done when she walks in tomorrow. But that was really all we did because no one was in the library.

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