September 18, 2011

Dinner Disaster, Dessert & A Fight...

Last night Justin and I went out with our friends for dinner. We went out to this new restaurant that Justin and I had tried last week and which we enjoyed last weekend, but it was horrible this time around -- Their food was, mine was fine. Justin and our friends all order burgers and they were burnt beyond belief, people refused to eat anything else, blah blah blah... It was bad.

After getting out of there we went out for ice cream, which was thankfully fine. But while we were out for ice cream our friend slipped that he and Justin were going upstate next month for a boy's weekend with Phil and some of the other guys. Justin had not informed me about this so I was pissed -- Our friend's girlfriend knew already and couldn't believe that I didn't know because I know everything. It also slipped while we were eating ice cream that the boys were planning on going to Boston in November, yet again minus us girls. We were pissed. I almost broke Justin's thumbs.

Even though I was pissed with Justin for not telling me things, when we were done with ice cream we headed over to a restaurant-bar to watch the Mayweather fight. We each paid $10.00 each to get into the place because our friend said the fight started at 10:00pm (It didn't...) and we were scrambling to find somewhere to watch it, when we could have spent an extra $10.00 and watched it from the comfort of Justin's apartment. It was a cheap sucky fight, but it was something to do. Justin and I didn't talk to each other, but I had wonderful conversations with my friend.

All in all, it was an eh evening. We'll just have to do something next weekend to make up for this one.

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