September 12, 2011

Don't Go Making Personal Calls...

"Julia" has once again proven that she is a piece of work. For some reason she thought it was okay to sit at the reference desk and make a forty plus minute personal phone call (I think she was dealing with her "car accident") on the library's phone. As she is doing this myself and a few of the others were actually trying to do work and we all needed a phone to do said work. "Lori" was on the desk on a work call, "Emily" needed a phone to call one of the Clerks about books for a book group because the patron in charge of it was there annoying her, I was trying to answer a buzzed in phone call to register a child for programs and "Amy" was also trying to do something phone related. We really don't have many phones in the department. We have two phones on our reference desk and two phones in the office, one of those phones is buried underneath crap on our Department Head's desk and is hard to get to. So, it was extremely difficult to get these calls made.

The whole time we were running around trying to make the calls "Julia" was oblivious to what was going on. She had no idea what she was doing or that she was even doing something wrong. Once she was done with her long ass call she looked at all of us and was like "Oh... I'm gonna go to dinner now..." and she left. We all could not believe what had just happened, but you can bet that we will be informing our Department Head tomorrow when she comes into the library.

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