September 2, 2011

I'm On A Boat...

Even though the library was closed last Saturday because of the hurricane, I still got my day (today) off for it. So I decided to spend it canoeing with my family, Erin and my sister's boyfriend (Justin was unfortunately unable to attend).

My family and I are no strangers to canoeing (My sister's boyfriend and Erin both had never gone before), we actually have been going forever. We always go down the Nissequogue River and we always get our canoes from Bob's Canoe Rental Inc. It's like tradition.

I shared a canoe with Erin, while my parents were in one and my sister & her boyfriend were in the other. Erin and I rocked that river. We had a groove going on as we were paddling and we both wanted to stop to see the same things -- It was an A+.

In addition to having an awesome boat mate, today was honestly the perfect day to be out on the river. The weather was beautiful, the water conditions were optimal even though there was a hurricane less than a week ago, it was just great. Today was a wonderful day.

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