September 28, 2011

Pawned Off Patrons...

"Julia" is ridiculous. She literately just pawned off a problem patron onto "Amy" by saying that a person had just called wanting to sign his child up for a program and when she put them on hold the call was lost, but she had to go on her break now. "Amy" just had to deal with this patron not knowing what they were talking about, not having their child's information in our files and the person giving her an attitude about bringing their child's birth certificate in to re-enter them in our files.

I'm tried of this "I have to take a break now" bullshit. You don't have to take a break at the same time everyday. Do your God damn job and stop stuffing your fat ass with crap from Starbucks. "Julia" is a manipulative bitch who pretends to be stupid and someone needs to call her out on her bullshit. God I hate this woman.

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