September 6, 2011

Stuck With Stupid...

At this very moment I hate everyone in my department because everyone has off today and I'm stuck alone here with "Julia" until "Emily" shows up at 4:00pm -- I wish I had known this before I got here, because if I did I would have called in sick until 5:00pm and left her ass here alone. Orignially "Amy" was scheduled to come in at 1:00pm and because she is a divorced idiot without child care she is constantly taking off from work to deal with her demon spawn 7-year-old daughter -- Can't you tell that I'm just so very fond of "Amy's" daughter????

Thankfully "Julia" is on lunch so I don't have to deal with her annoying stuttering self until 2:00pm rolls around and then I have to keep myself busy for two hours so I don't end up trying to strangle her. Wish me luck.

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