September 24, 2011


I had another one of those nights last night. Obviously I'm not making this post at 2:00pm so I'm way better off than I was last weekend, but even though I didn't stay out all night last night or close the bar down I still had a good time.

Erin and I decided that since I was free again last night that we should go out to our favorite bar with a few of our girlfriends and hang out. Erin's friend "Jackie" (Who is now my friend because she likes me so much she invited me along with Erin to her 30th birthday wine tasting party in November -- Yay! I'll be able to tick go wine tasting off of my "No Regrets" List!) was there, she is dating/banging the bartender, and we had yet another interesting and free booze filled evening.

Randomness Of The Night:
  • Some guy just jumped into our game of 31 without telling us his name and just informing us that his swagger was too much for any of us to handle.
  • The dude that I'm not sure if he is gay or not that I went to high school with (I saw him in Fire Island on Cherry Grove a few summers back and I assumed he was flaming, because he seems it but he claims to have a girlfriend. Not sure whats going on...) sat down at the table I was sitting at while playing 31 and said "A.C. Slater is in the house bitches..." Then he jumped out of the seat, gave me a kiss on the cheek and lifted up his shirt to show me his abs when I asked where his pimp cup was and he ran out of the bar.
  • I was told by one of my friends that she and Erin are happy I'm not the "skinny one" because I'm really pretty and if I was the "skinny one" no guys would talk to them.
  • "Jackie" and I almost got into a fight with some bitches because they wouldn't stop running their mouths.
  • While Erin was trying to dump the drink "Jackie's" boyfriend gave her down the drain so she didn't have to drink it (She wanted to get rid of it so we could go home) she was given an earful by a drunk woman about DWIs, fines and being arrested because this hot mess of a woman has a criminal record because of alcohol.
  • My sister's best friend's sister (Who is also good friends with her) was trying to get me to help her find perfume because she lost her ID and wanted to get into another bar by spraying her other friend's bar stamp with it and trying to transfer some of it onto her wrist.
  • My sister's other friend introduced me to her "Agent" who is going to make her famous.

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