October 8, 2011


"Mama Page" just informed me that while I was out sick during the week that "Julia" came up to her and apologized because she heard that she was upset with her for complaining about her neck and back injuries because "Mama Page" got into a real accident unlike herself. During the conversation "Julia" promised never to talk about her neck and her back pains again around her and told her that she was sorry if she offended her.

"Mama Page" never actually said anything about "Julia" complaining, I actually was the one that was annoyed that "Mama Page" got into a real accident (She had to be airlifted to a hospital and such) and she comes to work everyday and doesn't complain about her injuries when I know she is in pain. "Julia" got into a little fender bender and complains like she is going to die about her neck and her back.

I was really happy to hear that "Julia" heard whatever she heard and she is going to shut up from now on.

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