October 15, 2011

Buzzed In A Corn Maze...

About a month ago a bunch of my friends and I decided that we'd head out towards Wading River to do various things out there and today was the day. Around 11:00am this morning we all met up at one of our houses and headed out in two cars towards Sound Avenue.

The first stop we made was at Lewin Farms, but we decided that we weren't fond of their corn maze or pumpkins, so we decided to move on. While we were driving we noticed Palmer Vineyard (Which was one of the vineyards that I had looked into going to because they had wine tasting without appointments), so we decided to go there.

We stopped at Palmer Vineyard and did a little wine tasting. I tried their Rose of Merlot, White Riesling, Sparkling Brut and Sunrise/Sunset Merlot and I did not like any of them*. None of the other five people I was with cared for the wines that they tasted while they were there either, so I guess it wasn't just me. We hung outside by the grapes for a bit and then we decided to move on.

After tasting the not so great wine at Palmer Vineyard we headed down Sound Avenue to Harbes Family Farm where we ended up drinking even more wine, eating roasted corn and going through the corn maze. Obviously I ran away from everyone and decided to make it through the maze by myself while I was a little tipsy. I got through but Justin and one of our other friends made it through first.

Once the boys were don't making obscene gestures with some type of squash they found in the pumpkin patch we headed over to The Lobster Roll Restaurant (Northside) for a late lunch. We had a variety of seafood dishes -- Lobster rolls, buffalo calamari, fried puffer fish, etc. While we were there the boys decided to play "Would You Rather..." and it ended up being kinda gross. When we were done eating we did a quick walk by of the shops behind the restaurant and then we headed over to Briermere Farms to get pies and such. The lines at Briermere Farms were crazy. I had never seen them that long and I've been going there for years. Thankfully when Justin and I got to the front of the line to place our order there were still raspberry cream pies left (Those are our favorite thing to get from the place).

Briermere Farms was our last stop of the day out east. We dropped our friends off and went back to the apartment to clean up because everyone decided that they wanted to come over and play video games that evening. Eventually the boys came back and we spent the night playing various games and going out for ice cream. While we were out going ice cream my friend and I both ordered banana splits and we both received them without bananas which wasn't cool -- The lady at the ice cream place handed us each an unpeeled banana eventually without knives to cut them with. When we were done with our ice cream we went back to play more video games and eventually everyone left.

It was a good day. I had a really nice time out with all of my friends (Minus Erin who was really pissed she couldn't come because it was like a triple date thing going on).

One of the highlights of the day was that by going to Palmer Vineyard I got one of the items on my "No Regrets" List done. I've been doing really poorly on my list this time around, so I was excited to get something on it done.
Twenty-Six Things To Do By March 3rd 2012:
  1. Have A Scavenger Hunt In NYC
  2. Get Thrown Out of a Nightclub (#6) *
  3. Learn How To Properly Make French Macarons
  4. Drink Only Water for a Month *
  5. Do Something that Scares You (#69) *
  6. Go Ghost Hunting in Gettysburg, PA
  7. Buy a Princess Dress (#35) *
  8. Love Your Body (#25) *
  9. Become Certified To Scuba Dive
  10. Learn a Foreign Language (#80) *
  11. Go to a Shooting Range *
  12. Visit The Library Of Congress
  13. Finish Unfinished Business (#14) *
  14. Take & Post A Picture Everday For The Year
  15. Go Inside the Statue of Liberty *
  16. Learn to Walk in Three Inch Stilettos (#30) *
  17. Go Wine Tasting *
  18. See A Movie At A Drive-In Theater
  19. Swim With Sharks (#47) *
  20. Learn to Drive Stick Shift *
  21. Visit The Cemeteries In New Orleans
  22. Indulge in a Great Work of Literature (#88) *
  23. Go Ghost Hunting in England (#59) *
  24. Take A Hot Air Balloon Ride
  25. Learn to Get a Good Night’s Sleep (#99) *
  26. Write A Children’s Book
* These items were things I did not get done on my original list (2010-2011)

* = I am in no way, shape or form a wine connoisseur, nor am I classy so you can't take my choice in wine seriously. I like Barefoot Moscato the best because it is sweet and I also knocked back the wine like I was taking shots after the first couple of sips.

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