October 8, 2011

Computer Chaos...

I just went on my break and came back to "Amy" telling me that she just had a grandmother call and say that her grandson was coming to use the computers and that he was probably going to download porn, blah, blah, blah, blah... "Amy" proceeded to tell the grandmother that we have policies against using filters on the computers and they we don't stand over the children and monitor them while they are on the computers, but if we catch them looking at porn we kick them out. Apparently the grandmother made "Amy" think that she wasn't allowing him to go on the computer, so when the kid came "Amy" told him that his grandmother said he couldn't go on. The boy started to complain that she was doing this because he didn't clean his room. "Amy" told him he needed to go speak with his grandmother and work it out with her.

Just a second ago I answered the phone and had a woman yelling at me that I didn't let her grandson go on the computer. I said to her that I just got back from my break and didn't deny anyone computer access today and that I'd get her that proper person. So "Amy" got on the phone with her and told her that she said he couldn't go on and the woman just argued with her. Apparently her grandson is coming back at some point. I'm looking forward to this one...

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