October 25, 2011

Fake Fights...

It seems that whenever "Marie" says something to "Julia" about anything (i.e. - Turning the fan off, being noisy and reading the windows she leaves open on the computer, etc.) "Julia" ended up lying to various people in the department (Mainly "Emily") about the interaction that they had. The current on being a "fight" about keeping the fan off. "Julia" claimed that she and "Marie" got into an argument about keeping that fan on, which wasn't true because I witnessed the whole thing. So obviously I told "Marie" that "Julia" had said this and she ended up confronting her about it today. "Marie" walked up to "Julia" and started inquiring about the fight that "Julia" claims that they had. "Julia" denied ever saying anything, but while she was doing so all of the blood drained from her face. In an attempt to avoid what was being said "Julia" kept repeating that she felt like something odd was going on yesterday when she walked in and that she didn't feel like she was being kept in the loop about anything blah blah blah blah... "Marie" had to say the same thing over and over again to her. Eventually she just told her that she would appreciate the she stop talking shit about her to "Emily" because they are friends. "Julia" replied with something stupid along the lines that she didn't want people talking shit about her either.

I'm so glad that "Marie" confronted "Julia" because she needed to be put in her place. She keeps making things up trying to get attention from people. Thankfully people are starting to ignore her and see her for who she truly is, a backstabbing psycho.

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