October 26, 2011

Refusing To Help...

Looks like "Julia" finally got a doctor to write a note claiming that she has a back and neck injury. Our Department Head just told us that she officially has a note and that we should be nice and help her when she asks for someone to pick things up for her, etc. After she told us this I basically told my Department Head that there is no way in hell that I will help her with anything because I have a knee injury dating back fourteen years that is actually well documented and that flares up all the time. I don't understand how it is okay for me to climb up on every surface in the library to hang decorations or whatever and this woman can't push a practically empty book cart. I refuse to be gracious. I refuse to be nice. I flat out am not helping this woman. I don't give a damn who asks me to do it, I will not.

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