October 20, 2011

Trip To The Cemetery...

A few months ago ABC News had done a story on the Bayside Acacia Cemetery in Queens because it wasn't being properly taken care of, it was over grown with vegetation and mausoleums had been broken into, bodies were hanging out of coffins, etc. Obviously seeing as I love me a good cemetery I was itching to go. While I was at work a day or so after hearing about this place "Favorite Page #2" and I ended up talking about it and he said he would love to go.

Fast forward to Tuesday... While I was talking to "Favorite Page #1" about what she wanted to do while she was home for the next couple of days going to this cemetery came up and she agreed to going. So today instead of going to the zoo like she suggested she, "Favorite Page #2" and I drove to Queens with our cameras in tow to explore the cemetery. We got there with no problems what-so-ever, parked the car and tried to figure out how to get inside. Unfortunately because of all of the buzz surrounding it after being featured on the news it is only opened by appointment for family members of the deceased, which blows. But this didn't stop the three of us from wandering around the outside gates taking photos through it.

I can't begin to describe how tragically beautiful this place was. I really wish that I could have had a chance to walk through the property and take some photos because I'm sure they would have been amazing.

Eventually we left, but before leaving Queens we found another cemetery (Montefiore) that we could actually get into. And we spent a good long time in it wandering around the headstones, taking pictures. I even lost the two of them for a bit, apparently they didn't hear me calling for them.

We could have spent a lot more time wandering around than we did because it was a big place, but "Favorite Page #2" had to be at work by 6:00pm so we left earlier than we would have liked. The three of us decided that going back to a place like that would have to be a day trip so we could properly look around.

It was a great day and I look forward to our next cemetery adventure.

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