October 6, 2011

Trip To The Emergency Room...

Today I had enough with this terrible cough, so I called my doctor to try to get her to call in a prescription for a cough suppressant to the pharmacy for me. Instead of doing that she talked me into going to the local emergency room to have a chest x-ray to make sure that I don't have pneumonia. So my mother and I headed over to the local hospital where they took forever and a day to deal with me.

Stupid Shit The Hospital Staff Did While I Was There:
  • Didn't give me the option not to pee in a cup after I told them I wasn't pregnant. Yes, apparently you can refuse to pee in the cup. My mother just told me today that you can (She works in a hospital).
  • Took an hour to get me into the x-ray room. The x-rays took less than 5 minutes.
  • Let a woman (Who obviously needed a psych consult) discuss the fact that she believed that she was being raped in her sleep by her cousin landlord person within earshot of other patients. She was literately sitting two seats away from me and all they did was block her in with a curtain. The woman was talking about being raped in her sleep, feeling that her vagina and anus had been penetrated when she woke up, how her hair was being cut in her sleep, etc. It was crazy. My mom had to hit me from laughing because it was really ridiculous. It actually made me miss the days in college when I ended up at Binghamton General Hospital sitting next to people who were brought in by the police and handcuffed to the chairs.
  • My mother went up to the ER desk and torn into the woman there about my x-rays being read and the woman told her that they weren't developed after an hour of taking them. My mother pointed out to the woman that she herself works in a hospital and that it doesn't take that long to develop x-rays. After causing the woman to stutter, my mother informed her that if we didn't see a doctor in 10 minutes that we'd be leaving and that there was no way in hell we'd be paying the ER bill when they sent it.
  • My mother confronted the first resident (Some Asian doctor) that walked past us about my x-rays being read and he was so flustered that he didn't come back to say anything to us. This cause my mother and I to bitch out the ER doctor that eventually came up to me with another resident about the "Asian" doctor -- The ER doctor got all defensive because he just walked in.
  • Before the ER doctor had a chance to be defensive, he came up to me talking about when the results of my blood work came back. Seeing as I had no blood work taken my mother and I both went off about how no blood work was taken and that they could have taken it anytime in the hour and a half after they took my x-rays but instead they ignored me.
  • A nurse asked me who I was being helped by around the two and a half hour mark and I told her that no one there was helping me and that the staff was completely useless. I scared her away, she didn't come back.
  • A different nurse came up to me after sitting around for almost three hours and told me they wanted to take blood to make sure I didn't have Pertussis (Whooping cough). This is the point where I told them I was done and wanted to be discharged because they sucked.
So, it took me three hours, a bunch of bullshit and bitching out five hospital staff members to get a bottle of cough syrup with codeine. I should have just called Erin and stole half of her bottle. That would have taken me all of five minutes.

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