November 11, 2011

Great 11/11/11...

I must say, despite having to deal with "Julia" today I had the best 11/11/11. While I was still at work "Favorite Page #1" showed up with one of her friends from college and surprised me -- She also bought me my favorite drink from Starbucks (Carmel Apple Spice). I had no idea that she was going to be home for the weekend and I was so happy to see her. She and her friend actually hung out with Lenni and I during Drawing Club -- "Favorite Page #2 also showed up and came to hang out with us too. It was amazing to see her because I miss her so much when she is gone.

Something I was happy I missed was having to deal with some teenage boys setting off a stink bomb in front of our reference desk-- I was in Drawing Club when it happened and "Julia" ended up having to deal with the entire thing, as well as clean up the mess. Yay positive energy of 11/11/11 in my favor!

After I left work my sister decided that she was going to take me out to dinner and we ended up going to one of my favorite restaurants on Long Island, Heart of Portugal. While feasting on one of my favorite meals of all time I got the best voicemail from Erin who was pissed off that I went there without her.
Voicemail Transcription:
"So my network of spies (aka Foursquare) tells me that you're at Heart of Portugal So first of all go fuck yourself and your champagne lobster with the saucy saucy sauce situation with the spoon and the pot and the little man that brings it to you and lifts the lid. I hate you right now. There's no forgiving you. And two how did you end up there when we are supposed to be going out to ladies night and what have you and blah blah blah. Please explain how champagne lobster got thrown into the mix and I was not invited. You are a whore, that is all. Thank you very much, have a nice night."
Best voicemail ever -- Aside from the ones I get from Phil singing me random songs. My sister and I were cracking up at our table in the restaurant listening to it.

Once we were done eating we did a little shopping and went home. What a great 11/11/11. I hope you all enjoyed yours.

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