November 16, 2011

Re Re: Return Of Stalker #1...

Around 2:00pm I found out "Stalker #1" was in the building and I went to the librarian's office to hide. "Leslie" found him and pointed him out to our Director, our Head Custodian and my Department Head. All of them told him that he was not allowed near me and that there was no reason for him to enter the Youth Services Department. He tried to pretend like he didn't know anything about the car thing and kept mumbling about just wanting me to help him with an issue on his card. My Director told him that I am no longer a Circulation Clerk and that I am not the right person to help him with Circulation and/or Adult Department issues and that he needs to leave me alone.

Apparently after all of this he didn't leave the building and later on when our Security Guard saw him he told him off and told him he was never allowed to speak to me again, etc.

I understand that he wanted my help with a library related issue, but you shouldn't be mentioning my car when describing me. It's creepy that he knew what kind of car I drive and he kept talking about it. It didn't help that I found out from one of the Adult Librarians that he scams people, has harassed others on staff, has been picked up by the police for stealing from people, etc. That freaks me out and makes me want to interact with you ever again.

I really hope this is all over but God knows it's not.

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