November 16, 2011

Re: Return Of Stalker #1...

The plot of the "Stalker #1" story thickens. I was informed by "Marie" and "Amy" that after I left on Monday he came in asking "Lori" for the librarian with the prescription glasses who drives my car brand -- They all assumed he was talking about our Department Head because she drives the same brand of car that I do, but alas he was talking about me.

I am officially freaked out by the fact that he mentioned my car in his description. And as a result of me being freaked out the whole staff is on alert about him bothering me and my Director is ready to deal with him -- Even though he was joking around that I can take care of myself and that "Stalker #1" should be more afraid of me than I am of him. I'm actually expecting him to walk in later today, so I'll keep posting on what is going on.

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