November 23, 2011

'Twas The Day Before Thanksgiving...

Justin and I just so both happen to be off today so we ended up spending the day together. He actually called me and woke me up this morning asking me when was I gonna come over and hang out with him.

After a quick shower and throwing together some mini pudding pies (It is my only task everything Thanksgiving, so I had to get them made. I even made a post about them last year) I headed over to Justin's to spend the day with him.

As soon as I got to Justin's I was surprised to see that he had taken my Christmas tree out for me. It made me super happy to see it, especially since last December I got hurt and we didn't end up putting it out. So as you can guess, I busted out my ornaments and decorated it.

If you're wondering why the tree is decked out in Mets ornaments the story behind that goes as follows... The first Christmas season that he was in his apartment I begged him for a tree even though we don't live together. After much nagging he agreed but only if I decorated it in a Mets theme every year. I accepted his terms because I really wanted a tree and since then we have had a Mets themed tree.

After decorating the tree we headed out for some lunch and to buy some booze for Thanksgiving, a few Christmas presents, coffee and groceries. Once we were done with all of that we came back to the apartment and I ended up wrapping the gifts that Justin had already had around the apartment -- I figured I'd start wrapping them as they came in instead of waiting until the last minute and wrapping tons of presents at once.

At some point while we were just hanging out we decided to go see The Muppets (2011). It was really good. I really enjoyed the movie. Even Justin who isn't big on the Muppets enjoyed it. So if you were thinking about going to see it, I'd say go for it.

That is how I spent my day before Thanksgiving...

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