November 3, 2011

Two Dates One Day...

I skipped out on work early today to take Justin's youngest sister out because last week she had a melt down in the library about me never taking her anywhere and the fact that I've taken her older sister to do things -- It was bad, she would not stop crying.

So I picked her up from school, we went out for pizza and then for frozen yogurt. We picked up some of my video games from my house and we went back to her house to play said video game we picked up. I hung out there for a while and then I headed out. Thankfully she had a blast and was super happy about going out with me without her sister or brother around.

After leaving I went to go hang out with Phil because we had a date scheduled for this fine evening. I really haven't hung out with him alone in a few weeks because we've both been busy with work and such. So it was good. We caught up on various topics, ate some bad food, moved cars around and such.

I had a good day. It was really nice to leave work early and hangout.

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