December 22, 2011

Christmas Cards...

Instead of buying Christmas cards the other day (because I'm cheap and didn't feel like going out and finding awesome cards) I decided that I was going to draw a card (with me on it of course), photocopy it and give it to everyone that I deem fit to have one -- Obviously not "Julia" even though she left a card on my desk for some reason.

So, on Tuesday night while I was at work I ended up drawing it. "Emily" gave me a little bit of crap for it because I didn't personalize the cards. I drew a damn card! How much more personal do you want it to be?! I told her I was going to draw a card just for her of me with a yamaka on, holding a menorah and eating latkes because she is Jewish. She laughed and enjoyed it.

But aside from that comment everyone that has gotten the card as of thus far told me that they loved it and that they thought it was cute.

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