December 7, 2011


I cannot catch a break. Today I go to work and find out that one of the Clerks (One of the only ones I previously wasn't annoyed with) complained that I used the word "crap" in a note I left on a book for my Department Head. The note in question was a note that was meant for my Department Head's eyes only, she didn't take it off the book when she went to point out to the Circulation Clerks that they aren't doing their jobs properly. The note said something along the line of "Please deal talk with the Circulation staff because they aren't doing their jobs properly and I don't know why I have to deal with this crap. This is Circulation work..."

The fact that this gossipy Clerk had the nerve to complain pisses me off. "Crap" is better than the other expletives that I wanted to use to describe those lazy pieces of shit who work our Circulation desk -- Sorry for cursing, I'm just so annoyed. And the person who complained was ├╝ber friendly with me last month when she was asking me about internships at Justin's job and having him help her son. I put an end to that, my boyfriend will not be helping her son and I could careless if it costs her son anything.

My Department Head warned the Head Clerk that if her Clerks wanna play games like this with me that I'll take them down because I am super observant and I know everything that everyone does wrong. Plus she said that if they made a formal complaint that she'd have to side with me because 90% of my actions have been justified.

This was the last straw. I'm done with all of the Clerks except Head Clerk, whom I am friends with. None of them better utter a word to me from now on.

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