December 19, 2011

Date In NYC With My Sister...

About a month ago my wonderful littler sister asked me if I wanted to go see the New York City Ballet's performance of George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker with her. I thought it would be something nice we could do together so I said yes. Today was the day that we went to see it, but not before wandering around the City and doing other randomness before hand.

We got into the City a little after 12:00pm and decided that we were gonna go have tea and scones at Alice's Tea Cup (We went to Chapter One) since my sister had never been there before. We both ordered almond tea (My favorite!) with a choice of two scones. I got the banana chocolate (Which was banging! Totally order it if it is one of the options for the day!) and buttermilk scones, while my sister ended up getting mixed berry and buttermilk scones. We took our time, drank our tea, only ate one scone each and took the other to go just in case we got hungry later.

When we were done there we decided to cut through Central Park to get to our cousin's apartment on the upper east side. She ended up actually being on her way home when we called her so we met up with her on Lexington and the three of us walked over to her apartment so she can change out of her gym clothes. After she changed we went and had a late lunch at Bar Italia and then we popped into her favorite shop before my sister and I had to hail a cab to Lincoln Center.

We got to Lincoln Center about 35 minutes before the show was about to start, so my sister had a quick cigarette and we headed inside to find our seats.

The show was very good. We both enjoyed it a lot, with the exception of the children that wouldn't shut the hell up behind us and the woman that gave me bitch face because I accidentally kicked her seat twice.

When the show was over we decided that we were gonna walk the 20 minutes over to Rockefeller Center to see the tree, but after a few blocks my feet started to kill me (I have a lovely blister on one of my toes) so we ended up grabbing a cab and heading back to Penn Station to go home for the night.

I really had a good time with my sister today. I look forward to doing something similar again with her and maybe our cousin. I think the three of us would have a blast roaming around the City doing randomness.

NOTE: I really had no intention of Instagraming the day but because the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center states on their website (But apparently it isn't true) that they make people check cameras when they attend a performance and I didn't feel comfortable doing that, I just took photos on my iPhone. I honestly would have loved to have brought my camera into the City with me because we did so many nice things and I wanted to take beautiful photos. C'est la vie...

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