December 23, 2011

Random Day...

Work was super slow today seeing as it is the day before Christmas Eve. So I really didn't end up doing anything while at work, but after work I did tons of things.

Once 6:00pm rolled around I headed over to Justin's mother's house to hang out with Justin and the girls. I was there for like an hour and a half then I had to run over to a local restaurant to have an emergency bridesmaids meeting because the wedding is creeping closer and we had various things to discuss.

After dinner the girls decided that we should pop into one of the local bars. Which led to us popping into another, then another. Eventually Erin and I realized how late it was getting and that we needed to run to the tanning salon to get our monies worth of tans. When we were done tanning we decided that we didn't wanna go back to the bars but that we weren't ready to go home. So we ended up driving around looking at Christmas lights around town. We did that for like an hour and a half and then I dropped her off at her car, then went home.
So, I did lots of randomness today. But I had fun...

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