December 9, 2011

More Good Parenting...

I forgot to post about this yesterday, before I left the library I got a a surprising phone call from one of our trouble teen's parents. He called to make sure that his daughter was actually in the library, which she was. And he made a point of asking me how she behaved when she was in the library, he honestly wanted to know and wanted the truth. So, I told him that she can be a pain depending on who she was with, etc. and he was so grateful. He gave me his house and cell number to call in case she ever gets mouthy or rude with us again.

It was so refreshing to hear from a parent that actually cares what their teen is doing and who wants to discipline them for misbehaving because 90% of them done and let their teens run amok. I can't believe how great the parents were yesterday.

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