December 22, 2011

Got The "T" Part Down In GTL...

I know this should probably be posted in my beauty blog, but it was kind of an adventure for me... I went to a tanning salon and tanned in a machine for the first time in my life. Why did I do this you ask? Well, my beautiful tan from Aruba/going to the beach with Erin all summer has faded and I refuse to be a pasty bridesmaid at the wedding next month. And since I will not be traveling to a tropical country between now and then, going to a tanning salon was my only option...

I went to your standard tanning salon chain, got the second most expensive package because we (Erin and I) got a new client 30 day special and we went tanning. I opted for the stand up tan, while Erin went with your standard lie down bed.

It was an odd experience, not bad but odd. For my first time they told me to do seven minutes instead of the normal ten minutes in my particular machine. I stood up, held on to the bar above my head and listened to the radio for the seven minutes. The only problem I had was the fact that I took my glasses off to tan and I kinda fell out of the machine when I was trying to get out because I missed a step. Aside from that (because no one saw) it was a good experience and I will be going back tomorrow.

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