January 3, 2012

E-Mail From The Bride...

So my friend (The Bride) sent out an e-mail out to us this morning with various instructions because the wedding is a little over a week away.

Apparently the groomsman I'm walking with in the wedding is named Nick and we are walking in about mid wedding procession. In addition to this information I've also learned that we have been "encouraged" to dance into the reception to "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO (Maybe I'll practice my shuffling). The bride and groom will be walking in to the Star Wars (1977) theme -- He proposed to her dressed as Darth Vader at New York Comic Con 2010, here is the video...

She also sent us the reception menu and booze list -- Justin will not be happy with the beer selection, so I guess he will be sticking to wine. I'm just happy she is having an open bar. We're gonna need it. T-minus 11 days until the actual wedding.

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