January 24, 2012

Full Staff Meeting...

Even though I wasn't actually scheduled to to work until 1:00pm I had to wake up early to attend a full staff meeting at 9:30am. It wasn't very interesting. We had to listen to our Director talk about our upcoming budget vote, various changes to patron records, not sexually harassing each other (Prompting me to pretend to grab "Derek's" junk), etc.

The only interesting thing that occurred was that "Julia" fell asleep in the middle of the meeting (Surprise surprise!) and obviously I drew the attention of everyone around me to this. I bitched to my Department Head about it because "Julia" had the nerve to take a break after the meeting and she actually did something about it! She called her out for it and told her how unprofessional she is! As you can probably guess I was in my glory when I found out.

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