January 11, 2012

Getting My Situation Buffed...

Seeing as I'm leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow morning I decided to take half of the day off from work so that I could run various errands with Erin today. We went to the bank, hit up a couple of stores and most importantly we went to get our nails did.

"You need a mani bad. You should find a Chinese chick
to buff your situation." - Jennifer's Body (2009)

Sorry, I had to put in the Jennifer's Body (2009) quote because I honestly think it every
time I get my nails done. I blame my friend Patrick for making me watch the movie.

We spent a few hours at the nail salon getting permanent French tips, spa pedicures and our eyebrows waxed. When we were done we did a bit more shopping for odds and ends, then we headed back to my house so I could lend Erin a pair of my heels and a silver chain.

Now I'm home relaxing before I double and triple check everything before leaving tomorrow.

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