January 10, 2012

Reading Club Drama...

Holy bitchface Batman! I just had the nastiest patron ever. A woman just walked up to the reference desk with her son and asked to join the reading club that ends this Friday. I asked her politely if she was sure she wanted to sign him up because he only has three days left of this particular club and that we have another club starting up at the end of the month. She gives me the nastiest look and says very loudly "Are you suggesting that he not read anything between now and then?!?!!" I said of course not and went to go get the book to sign him up. While I was doing this her son asks a question and the mother says "She obviously doesn't want to be bothered..." I was so pissed I just came back and killed them with kindness. I signed him up with a smile and explained to him the club, prizes and what he needed to do by Friday. They thanked me and left.

What a bitch this woman was. I just suggested that they didn't join because I didn't know if he'd even be able to get anything read between now and Friday. We've had people that signed up the first week of the club that haven't brought in a single book slip, so why should I think that someone could do it in three days.

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