January 16, 2012

What Happend In Vegas Goes Up On Facebook...

I'm baaccckkkk... And here's the play by play of my long weekend in Las Vegas...

Justin and I woke up at 4:30am to get ready to head over to JFK to fly out to Vegas. We got to the airport over an hour before our flight was supposed to leave, yet it took forever and a year to get through security for some reason (I've never waited so long on a week day to get through security before). Eventually we got through and headed over to our gate where our friends (The couple we're always hanging out with) were waiting and then we hopped on the plane.

We were on the plane getting settled in and we start to taxi away from the gate when some douchey guy behind me starts yelling at one of the stewardess because apparently his friend and a handful of others didn't get on the plane because they weren't at the gate on time. He starts cursing at this poor woman and he says he wants to get off the plane so wee had to go back to the gate so security could take this dude off and the handful of people that didn't get on could get on. It was crazy.

Eventually we leave (30 minutes late) and head to Las Vegas. The whole flight his friends who were behind Justin and I kept talking about how their douchey friend was a hero.
"He's a hero... He sacrificed himself for the good of the people..." - Douchey's Friend
It was ridiculous, but I put my headphones on and started watching Crazy Stupid Love (2011) and other various TV shows throughout the flight.

Surprisingly we got to Las Vegas 20 minutes before we were originally scheduled to. We got our bags, waited for a taxi and headed over to Treasure Island. Once there we found out the check in wasn't until 12:00pm, so we gave our bags to the bellhop and we wandered around the casino. While wander around we found a Ghostbusters slot machine and obviously Justin had to play it. So we sat down and played. I put $10.00 into the machine and ended up winning $63.50 above that, Justin didn't win anything.

Eventually we checked in, put our bags in our room and met up with our friends (They were staying at the Wynn) and we went to have the lunch buffet at the Wynn, then we went to wander around and obviously we were drinking while doing so (Yay Las Vegas and being able to drink in the streets and yay yards of frozen drinks!).

At some point we ended up catching a cab and having them drive us to Hot n Juicy Crawfish (It was featured on an episode of Man v. Food (2008-Present) at some point) which is off the strip. Justin started questioning the cabby about the route he chose to take because he had his GPS on. Our friend was going back and forth with Justin and the cabby was getting pissy. We eventually get to this restaurant and my friend throws a dollar at the cabby and says "Lose the attitude..." This pissed the cabby off and he threw the money back at him. It wasn't good, but the food at Hot n Juicy Crawfish was! The food there was awesome. The four of us pigged out on crawfish, king and snow crab, it was so yummy.

When we were done we had the restaurant call a cab for us and we headed back to the strip. We split up and said that we'd nap and meet up later but that never happened.
Justin left me to go to the International Consumer Electronics Show, but Erin flew in in the AM so I didn't mind. Once Erin actually got in we did our makeup and headed over to the Wynn where our other friends were staying.

When we met up with our friends Justin called us and said that he was done at the convention and that he wanted to met us where ever we were, so we waited a bit so that the five of us could head over to Mandalay Bay to have lunch (We ate at the Burger Bar) and go to the aquarium.

After all of that excitement we walked down the strip to our hotels and stopped for randomness on the way -- Like we stopped at New York New York so that Justin and our friend could ride the roller coaster, etc.

Once back at the hotel I rested for a bit before getting ready for the bachelorette party. I met up with the Bride and one of the other bridesmaids and we headed over to Planet Hollywood to meet with the others and have dinner before going to the V Theater to see American Storm (It's a male revue for those of you that don't know). We went to some random restaurant because the place we wanted to go to was packed, so after some okay food we headed over to the box office at the V Theater to pick up the tickets one of the bridesmaids' uncles provided us (He gave us ten VIP tickets for free to see Storm and another ten to see Frank Marino's Divas Las Vegas, which is his show but we'll get more into that later).

After the revue was ran out of the theater and headed over to Chateau Nightclub & Garden at Paris because the Bride wanted to dance and we were on the guest list. We hung out there for a few hours. We dance, drank and Erin got hit on my a millionaire.

Eventually the Bride got tired and requested to head back to the hotel. When we got back we wandered around and played slots for a bit before we returned her to her room. But just because she was done didn't me we were. Phil, myself and a few others hung around the casino and then went for a super late night snack before calling it quits.

I woke up relatively early considering how late I went to bed and orchestrated a brunch date with the Bride and all of her New York friends. The twelve of us met up around 11:30am and went for the Champagne Brunch at our hotel. It was yummy and I got a bit tipsy.

When we were all stuffed and had our to-go cups full of booze we started to wander around the casino. We all decided that we were gonna play roulette (Not that any of us really knew how to play) and my tipsy self ended up winning $115.

After watching the others lose their money after I cashed out we decided to head over to the Stratosphere because Justin and Erin wanted to do the Sky Jump (aka jump off the top of the Stratosphere). When we got there we found out that there were no jump times until 6pm, so Justin booked himself an appointment to jump at midnight.

Disappointed we left the Stratosphere and headed over to the Bellagio because a few of our friends wanted to see it. We had the best cabby there...He was this funny Russian guy who pretended we were in ghetto cash cab and made hilarious comments. When we got there we met up with Phil and the others (You can only have five people in a cab, so since there was six of us we split up three and three). We wandered around, looked at the fountain and walked back to our hotel.

When we got back I had to get ready for the rehearsal dinner and meet up with a few people in the wedding party before heading over to the restaurant it was being held at. It was at this Mexican restaurant that actually made Erin, myself and two of the other bridesmaids sick -- Thankfully I had meds in my bag that I fed to everyone because we had tickets to see Divas Las Vegas. We sucked it up and cabbed it over to the Imperial Palace to see the show. Justin and my friend's fiance were waiting there when we got there to join us.

I had never been to a true drag show before so I love every minute of Divas Las Vegas. The show lasted about two hours, so Justin had to run out before it ended in order to make it to the Stratosphere on time for his jump appointment -- I was a little sad because I wanted to go with his to see him jump but whatever. After the show we stuck around to thank uncle Frank for the tickets and to take a picture with him.

Once that was all said and done we headed back to the hotels because we were scheduled to be in the Brides room at 9:30am to start getting ready for the wedding.

I got to the Brides room at 9:30am with a big old cup of coffee and a slight TMJD flair up in my sweats and a hoodie so that I could get all pretty for the wedding.

She had hired Amelia C to do our hair and makeup -- She was kind of a bitch but she made my hair look pretty. So she and her crew spent hours getting us all ready for the wedding. While we got ready the Groom called and offered to buy us all lunch, which was sweet of him.

After some food and hours of prepping we pulled on our dresses and walked (Yes, walked... I don't wanna talk about it) to the Wynn where the wedding was being held. When we got inside we could not figure out where we were going and we ended up bumping into Gloria Nava (aka Glowpinkstah on YouTube) who is friends with the Bride and was attending the wedding. I kinda fan girled her and she was super nice. So we all kinda wandered around the place looking for the wedding chapel. Eventually we found it, helped the Bride get ready and started the show.

The ceremony was twenty minutes long and it was the most painful twenty minutes of my life because my feet were killing me and I had to stand there and smile. After the ceremony was done we ran away and took our shoes off only to find out that we had to put them back on for pictures. We took a bunch of pictures and then we were sent off to the restaurant the reception was being held in to make sure everything was done properly.

We got there, everything was fine so we practiced our sweet moves with our groomsmen for our entrance into the reception. Once we got it down we hung out before the guests began to arrive.

Eventually everyone got there, we danced in, there were first dances, kisses, food, speeches and all of the other pageantry that goes along with a wedding. Yours truly clawed a bitch to get the bouquet and we forced the DJ to play "Bye Bye Bye" by N'SYNC for the Bride and it was awesome.

After partying it up at the reception we packed up and headed for the Bride & Grooms room to have an after party. We drank, hung out, listened to music, etc. for a few hours before heading in for the night.

It was a long day. We spent a lot of money leading up to it, but we all ended up having a nice time. It was a fun wedding.

Today was really uneventful compared to the last few days. We honestly just woke up, packed and met up with our friends at the airport before flying back to New York. We spent 90% of the flight sleeping (I was in the middle between Erin and Justin, so they used me as a pillow) and my father picked the three of us up from the airport. That was that.

Now I'm here telling you about my weekend. I'm kinda tired so I'll post pictures from the trip sometime in the next couple of days.

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