February 13, 2012

Key Drama...

I had the worst morning ever. It started out when I hopped into my car and the thing wouldn't start. So I decided to back my mother's car close to mine and jump my car (Leaving half of it blocking the street), but that didn't happen because when I got out of my mom's car while I was on the phone with her trying to figure out how to pop the hood of her car I locked the keys in it -- Thankfully it wasn't running. I ran into the house and while doing so I accidentally used Justin's apartment key (Which magically fits into my front door lock) to open my door and got it stuck. I went to grab my mom's spare key but it wasn't on the key rack, I asked her where the hell it was but she informed me that it was in her bedroom, which is locked and the door is jammed shut.

So I spent my morning trying to bust my parents bedroom door open (Screwdriver, butter knife, you name it I tried it), crying, hyperventilating and freaking out until I got a AAA person to open my mom's locked car, start mine and pull Justin's apartment key out of my door. All of this happened and I was only 30 minutes late to work. Bad bad morning.

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