February 1, 2012

A Plague On Both Your Departments...

Because three out of the seven individuals that work in my Department are currently sick, I am working all by my lonesome tonight and I am loving it. I'm probably going to jinx it by even writing about it before 9:00pm, but I am...

And hell broke loose the minute I started writing this. I had a woman come in looking for science fair project books on animal behavior and I ended up having to call like five libraries trying to see if they'll send them to me. Then I just was bombarded by people looking for materials that have magically gone missing.

Gotta love when you speak too soon.


  1. Woohoo, Librarian tales! I'm a librarian too, there's literally nothing worse than going to pull out an awesome, perfect book that's just what the researcher needs and finding that it's conveniently managed to disappear (despite being security tagged in a library that's reference only! Gah!)

  2. I know. It's always terrible when it happens.