February 9, 2012

Cookin' Librarian: Chicken Pasta Sauce...

I had to wake up at the ass crack of dawn this morning in order to drive my parents to the airport and unfortunately I am one of those people that can't go back to sleep once up they've woken up, so I ended up being super productive at 5:30am. I did two loads of laundry, made chicken pasta sauce and did a handful of other randomness. While I was making the pasta sauce I even made sure to take pictures so that I could posted the recipe for all of you. So here is the recipe for my chicken pasta sauce that I don't even eat (I stopped eating chicken in 2007) --I made the sauce for Justin.

Misfit's Chicken Pasta Sauce
• Olive Oil • Chicken Breasts • Red Pack Crushed Tomatoes • Onion •
• Garlic •Black Pepper • Salt • Garlic Powder • Oregano • Red Pepper Flakes •

  1. Heat olive oil in a pot (I eyeball the amount)
  2. Season the chicken breasts with salt & black pepper
  3. Sauté the seasoned chicken in the olive oil, cook through & set aside
  4. Chop up a large onion & four cloves of garlic
  5. Add the chopped veggies to the olive oil
  6. Cook until translucent
  7. Add the chicken back to the pot
  8. Add the can of crushed tomatoes
  9. Stir and add all of the spices
  10. Cook on low with lid on until the chicken starts to fall apart
  11. Serve on top of rigatoni

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