March 4, 2012

Birthday Party Recap...

Yesterday was my birthday party and I had an amazing time. I invited a bunch of my friends (Seventeen to be exact) to hang out with me in NYC, do a little day drinking and have some fun.

I didn't really have any set plans for the day, I just had three main birthday wishes that I wanted met. Aside from them, we played everything else by ear.

My Birthday Party Wishes...
  1. Have pizza from Artichoke ← I actually had pizza from there twice during the day
  2. Sing a Spice Girls song at karaoke ← We sang "Spice Up Your Life"
  3. Be drunk at midnight in the City ← This didn't happen but I didn't actually care
So basically the day went as follows... Justin and I got into the City around 1:00pm and headed to Greenwich Village to start the day off. He and I had lunch at Artichoke and when we were done we walked next door to Off The Wagon to get the party started.

Eventually other people started trickling in. We played beer pong, ate bar food, hung out, got into arguments with stupid chicks that don't understand the rules of beer pong, etc. until we decided that we were gonna move on to the next bar, but not before hitting up Artichoke for some more pizza.

After the pizza we headed over to 3 Sheets Saloon for $3.00 shots and when we had our fill of Cafe Patron shots & Buttery Nipples we walked to Karaoke Boho to get our bad karaoke on -- Oh, was it bad... Right before we got there I started loosing my voice, so I could not sing but I tried and had a ball. We sang for a while and decided that it was time to go home after awhile.

It was a really fun birthday celebration and I couldn't have asked for a better time.

Birthday Karaoke 2012 by Misfit Librarian on Grooveshark

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