March 13, 2012

Career Day 2012: High School Edition...

Today Lenni and I went to the High School for their Career Day. We were just thrown into the gym at a table and if the kids wanted to ask us something they could, it they didn't they could just walk past us. Because we knew this going into it we decided to bring maracas so that the teens would stop by our table, and so that they would annoy the shit out of their teachers for the rest of the day with them.

Number of Teen Who Came Over JUST for a Maraca: 38

Number of Teens With Actual Questions About Being Librarians: 6

Number of Teen Who Asked About Jobs: 4

We stuck around for two periods. After the first one the school's principle came up to us and told us that we weren't allowed to give out maracas because the teens were shaking them and annoying everyone. This was fine with us, but him standing near us for thirty minutes after he spoke to us wasn't cool. Because he found the need to babysit us we decided that we will not be attending next years Career Day.


  1. Oh man, did you have a tri-fold poster board with a pictures of the usual suspects: cats, books, and sweaters? I don't think I could attend a career fair because I would tell people to NOT look into the profession given its current state.

  2. LOL. Nope, I'm not a tri-fold poster board type of gal. It was just Lenni & I, a few handouts and our sparkling personalities.

    I'm actually forced to go to Career Day by my Department Head and Director, so it's not like I'm gung ho about preaching to the masses about becoming librarians.