March 6, 2012

Craft Program Chaos...

Apparently I missed some chaos yesterday. "Amy" was in charge of a craft program/party that only eighteen individuals signed up for ahead of time (but there were enough crafts for twenty-four individuals) and when it was time for the program to start she had twenty-five children plus their parents trying to get into the program. Because she is a push over and believes in "good customer service" she through it best to let everyone in instead of turning the last family that walked into the door away. This apparently caused a bunch of problems. The mother of the last child to walk in got pissed at her that her child could not have a hat because they ran out. It apparently got so bad that the Director had to be call down to deal with what was going on.

Honestly this all could have been avoided if "Amy" would have just said no to the last family. We have limits on our programs based on the number of materials we have to do the program and for some reason she doesn't understand that. She believes that she was right and the mother was wrong, but in reality "Amy" was the root of the problem.

Some how we have to get it through "Amy's" thick skull that there is protocol and she has to stick to it. Whether it be the number of people allowed in a program or how to deal with individuals that do not know how to behave.

I honestly don't know how she got through her undergrad degree nonetheless her masters -- Actually I don't think her masters is worth the paper it is written on because she got it from some BS school online. She is a terrible librarian. Nice lady, but terrible librarian.

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